patcaribou photography
The Ghosts of Route 66
The Ghosts of Route 66 depicts vintage snapshots of vacationing Americans photoshopped into contemporary scenes of urban decay along highway Route 66. The image captions present contrasting socio-economic statistics between then and now.
Many fondly recall the "Golden Age of America," the decades following World War II, as a time of great national optimism and economic prosperity, an era of social upward mobility, when rising incomes and union mandated leisure time allowed working class families from the newly constructed suburbs to venture west in their shiny automobiles.
Today, while corporate profits and stock market indices have hit record highs, the American middle class is quickly losing wealth and social status. The decline of Route 66 symbolizes their decline. If there is any lesson to be gleaned from the statistics, its that "trickle-down" economics, marked by decades of tax cuts and de-regulation, has failed to deliver to the masses.