patcaribou photography
Tucson ROYGBIV (Fuerza en la Diversidad)
Tucson ROYGBIV - Fuerza en la Diversidad is a photographic assemblage of building corners, window moldings, door frames, mural details, random signage, car fenders, tile mosaics, stained glass, bus-stop benches, cactus close-ups, public art abstractions, newspaper stands and various other surfaces that comprise the vibrant streets of Tucson, Arizona. The colors are organized into the seven main colors of the visible spectrum, commonly known as the acronym ROYGBIV (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet). This piece can be interpreted as both literal reflection of Tucson's colorful shell and metaphorical construct of the rich history and cultural diversity that make up its DNA. Its a celebration of color, pure and simple: a collage homage to this southwestern outpost in the Sonoran desert.
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